Wetsuits to Wax – Gearing up for Winter Surf

From O’Neill Wetsuits to Sex Wax, We Got You Covered!

Team Rider Andrew Bennett. Photo: Seth de Roulet

Every year around this time the Fall/Winter Northwest swells start rolling down the Pacific Coast and light up our favorite point breaks.  We especially look forward to this time here in Santa Barbara because we are starved for waves all summer.  With these swells also comes the cooler weather and colder water.  You have probably started pulling out your bigger wave boards and noticed they could use a little ding repair.  The 4/3mm wetsuit that has been stashed away all summer is a bit blown-out and needs to be replaced.  We know that buying a new suit can be frustrating, but let us help you get started in the right direction.  Check out this video that covers all of the features of the Winter 2013 O’Neill Wetsuit Collection that we carry at Sundance Beach.  Be sure to check out the super tech O’Neill Psycho 3 that just dropped this season.

We carry a pretty wide array of different priced wetsuits for men, women, and kids for the beginner to the advanced surfer.

We also carry an assortment of neoprene accessories for those really cold days.  Prevent the dreaded claw or club foot with some Quiksilver or O’Neill booties and gloves.  A nice hood or squid lid really helps cut the wind and keep all that body heat from escaping from your head.

Now that you have the boards out you probably noticed a couple of dings that you have put off repairing.  Grab a quick ding repair kit and fill them in before the next big swell shows up.  Maybe take the hair dryer and peel off that nasty old stomp pad and replace it with a new one from OAM, Creatures of Leisure, or Astrodeck.  Might as well grab a new leash too because that old one is probably ready to snap after the next set wave that tests it.  Now a fresh coat of wax and you’re ready to go.  Try out some of the super sticky Dream Cream from Sex Wax.

We hope you score some great waves this fall/winter season, and please keep Sundance Beach in mind when you pick out your new surf gear.  Stay warm and pray for waves!

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