Volcom Footwear for Summer

NEW Styles for a Season in the Sun!

volcom footwear title

Since their first range of footwear dropped last fall, Volcom Footwear has managed to keep their shoe line close to their roots of surf, snow, and skateboarding combined with the music and art culture that surrounds the three action sports. Since this is Volcom‘s first year bringing a fully developed footwear line to the market, you can bet that you’ll be one of the only kids on the block wearing these bad boys.

Unique styles and colors make the Volcom Footwear line for Summer ’14 innovative and fresh. Suede and canvas combos, faded tye-dye prints, and spray painted sole logos are just a few things that pop from the new line.

volcom De Fray Shoes sole detail
Sole tagging on the NEW Volcom De Fray Shoe.

The Volcom De Fray Shoe is a mid cut shoe with unconstructed style and features asymmetric paneling plus a grippy molded rubber outsole that’s embellished with unique Volcom artwork.

Volcom De Fray Shoes
The Volcom De Fray Shoes in Teal Smoke.

The Volcom Lo-Fi Shoe is a low-cut style that features asymmetric paneling and a deconstructed upper. There’s a cool Volcom Stone pattern in the vulcanized molded rubber insole. The new Black Marble colorway has that faded, vintage look, yet is all new.

volcom lo fi black marble wash lifestyle
The Volcom Lo-Fi Shoe in Black Marble.
volcom lo fi black marble wash
The Volcom Lo-Fi Shoe in Black Marble.

The Volcom Chronos Shoe is perfect for summer. This low cut and lightweight shoe features graffiti detailing on the sole, contrasting canvas panels, vulcanized construction, and a sleek low-profile look. This shoe has style for days!

volcom chronos teal smoke
The Volcom Chronos Shoe in Teal Smoke.
volcom chronos vindigo
The Volcom Chronos Shoe in Vindigo.

Also new for summer are fresh colors of Volcom’s legendary Recliner Sandal with RCF Tech! The Volcom Recliner Comfort Foam Technology features RCF molded, outsole facing pods at strike-points in the heel and forefoot allow ease of entry while providing all the benefits of the Recliner Comfort Foam technology. Easily the most comfortable sandal you will find anywhere!

volcom recliner technology
Volcom’s RCF Technology will smother you with comfort.
volcom recliner sandals swirl
The Volcom Recliner Sandal in Black Blue.
recliner leather and camo
The Volcom Recliner Sandal in Camo and Black Leather.

Another Volcom Footwear classic is the Volcom Grimm Shoe. This shoe has a unique wrap-around feel on the ankles and features a suede upper with vulcanized contrsuction. The Grey colorway goes great with denim, or wear it with shorts and no socks to embrace that surf style we all love.

volcom grimm grey
The Volcom Grimm Shoe in Grey.

Shop all of these Volcom Footwear styles at Sundance Beach, online or in store!



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