Upcycle your Old Shirts into Jewelry!

Most of us have at least a few old items of clothing that we don’t wear anymore which we have yet to donate or give to friends. Why not take those pieces and make them into something wearable? There’s always the option of cutting your shirt up to give it a new look, but a lot of times it ends up looking like it went through a paper shredder and you have yet another ill-fitting piece of clothing. So we came up with a few ideas for making old shirts, and old jewelry, into unique bracelets that everyone will be asking you about!

First, take a couple of old shirts and some scissors…

Then, cut strips of fabrics (all sorts of lengths and widths)…

Then combine the strips of fabric with pieces of old jewelry, like chains, charms, and bracelets, to make new and unique bracelets. Braid, twist, knot, get creative!

In the photo above, I braided strips of fabric around bangles, added charms and beads to make wrap bracelets, and also did some simple braided bracelets by braiding different fabrics together. Each piece turned out very different!

Now for the fun part…wearing your creations!

Now that you’ve seen some of our ideas, we want to hear from you…what’s your favorite way to upcycle clothing?


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