UCSB: #1 Best Weather School!

According to The Daily Beast, the University of California-Santa Barbara has the best weather of any school in the nation! We can’t argue with that. Many of us here at Sundance Beach have at one point attended UCSB for classes or have at least stepped foot on the local campus. It’ really is a beautiful campus and overlooks the ocean and who wouldn’t want to be next to the beach while sitting in class? Although having the beach in such close proximity does make perfect attendance for some students much more difficult. Riding your beach cruiser to class in the sunshine alongside the ocean is pretty blissful, I can tell you from personal experience. We love UCSB, its students, and teachers, not to mention that many of these people are repeat customers at our store in Goleta. Yay for gorgeous weather year round! As if we didn’t already know we live in the greatest place ever!

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