Trendy Little Santa Barbara Girls…

Has anybody else wondered why all of the little girl clothing is SO much cuter than juniors and womens’ clothing?!  Well, here is some more adorable new O’Neill Girl clothing we recently got in Sundance Beach!

O'Neill Girl

The cute outfit on the left caught people’s eyes while I was putting it together at the store. Who wouldn’t die seeing a little girl wearing a shirt that said, “Happy days are here again.” Day Light Savings Time sprang forward last weekend. When we wake up, its dark out and we will find it difficult to decide what to wear. We have all experienced our weather man, unfortunately, predict the weather completely wrong. So, turning to the, the Weather Channel, Channel 3 News, or even our handy dandy iPhones makes me nervous. Sending your little girl to school with shorts and a shirt in the cold morning might make oneself nervous that they might get cold. So, throw over a cute woven to keep her warm until the weather heats up outside during recess! This outfit includes: O’Neill Girl Happy Days Short Sleeved Tee, ($18), O’Neill Girl Starling 3/4 Woven ($38),and the O’Neill Girl Carson Short ($36). I also threw in a cute Roxy Taffy Lunch Box, normally $32, but on sale for $20 at the store!

The outfit on the right is Santa Barbara to the tee. There is nothing cuter than a little girl walking around in a dress with cute shoes. On a warm day, dress your daughter in a sundress with some shoes she doesn’t have to wear socks with. She will appreciate it! Protect her skin with a hat and she will be good to go when it comes to recess. BUT, don’t forget some sunscreen! This outfit includes: O’Neill Girl April Dress ($38), RoxyGirl For Love Hat ($22), and Sanuk Kids Standard Sandals ($40). All of these items can be purchased at the store as well.

Remember, these are little girl outfits! I know, I know, I wish juniors could wear them too 🙂

I hope everybody is adjusting to the time change! I’m not!

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