February 9, 2015

Top 5 Ideas for Valentine's Day at the Beach!



Another Valentine’s Day draws near, and another year of you not knowing what to do for your significant other gets closer! Should you get something expensive, or make something by hand that will be more special? Reservations at a fancy restaurant, or home-made candlelight dinner at home? It’s always a crunch until the last minute, and by then you just settle on something that you wish was more meaningful.


Don’t let that happen again this year! Take your GF or BF to the beach! The beach has always been a romantic place to be. The soothing sounds of crashing waves, the breathtaking views and gorgeous colors, indeed the sea has always captivated the romantic in all of us. Of course, there’s lots of things to do at the beach, but a Valentine’s Day at the beach will create memories of you and your sweetheart that will last a lifetime! Check out our Top 5 ideas for a Valentine’s Day at the beach!


5. Take a Walk on the Beach – This may sound simple, but it really soothes the soul! The sad thing is that most people that live in the vicinity of the beach never actually go for a stroll along the sand. Take advantage of the calming vibes and romantic views the beach has to offer. Strolling hand in hand along the shore has long been synonymous with true love, right? Oh yeah, it’s free too!


Valentine's Day at the Beach


4. Watch the Sunset – Watching the sunset is romantic no matter where you are, but at the beach you get the most spectacular sunsets in the world! The reflection off of the water makes it twice as colorful, and twice as romantic!


Valentine's Day at the Beach


3. Surfing – Taking your soul mate out for a surf builds trust. You have to trust him or her to take you out through the crashing waves, and help you get into them too. Even small waves can be daunting to a newbie, so having your beloved there beside you makes it that much more comfortable. If both of you can surf already, then you’re well aware of the therapeutic and aphrodisiac powers of the surf. Get out there and share a wave together!




2. Dinner at the Beach – Restaurants are often too crowded on Valentine’s Day. It’s the busiest day of the year at restaurants for cryin’ out loud! Who would want to be elbow to elbow with a hundred others on this special day anyway? Make your lover feel loved with a well thought out dinner on the sand! Take things that are easy to prepare and cook if your beach allows fires. If not, pick a meal that you can make at home and take to the beach. Don’t forget the blankets and pillows!


Valentine's Day at the Beach


1. Sunset Cruise – This costs a little bit more than the above ideas, but it is the ultimate romantic thing to do at the beach. Every port has boat charters ranging in price. Try to pick a smaller boat that won’t be too crowded and enjoy the sunset with your loved one as the swells lull you into a trance. Many boat charters offer Valentine’s Day specials with wine or champagne toasts and professional photography. Try to pick a sailboat so that the only sounds you’ll hear are the breeze in the sails, and the soft splashes of water against the hull. Bon Voyage!


Valentine's Day at the Beach

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