TOP 5 Holiday Gifts for Surfer Girls



Each year as I frantically search for holiday gifts for my friends and family, I always forget to tell my parents and boyfriend what I want for Christmas. I’m usually too focused on giving and don’t really care what I get. But in turn, my act of being unselfish makes it really hard for my love ones to shop for me! So, this year I wrote down some ideas and interviewed all my surfing gal pals and made a Christmas Wishlist of what surf girls like me want the most.





As far as actual surf gear goes, I like to purchase things like wetsuits, surfboards, and equipment myself because I’m VERY picky. But there’s one piece of surf gear that’s easy to pick out, makes a great gift, and is actually the most important of all – SUNSCREEN! A good waterproof sunscreen can literally save your life by blocking all those damaging UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Sunscreen also helps to defend your skin against wrinkles and premature aging. I’ve tried out many brands, but have found that Sun Bum, Vertra, Watermans, Headhunter, and Zinka all stay on the best after being in the water for a while.







I am madly in LOVE with all the boho beach jewelry that’s trending right now! Antique silver finishes, colorful crystals, rose gold, bits of leather, turquoise and other colorful stones, anything goes! As long as it can withstand a life in the sun, sand, and sea I’m happy. I try to avoid expensive jewelry of any kind, so brands like Simona V, Dogeared, and Lucky Feather are my faves. They make affordable styles that look like a million bucks, yet can withstand a day at the beach with friends. Don’t forget about Flash Tattoos! My bikini feels lonely without a few sparkles of gold and silver (P.S. my favorite collection of Flash Tattoos are the Goldfish Kiss set!).







Just like sunscreen, a good pair of sunglasses are essential for any day at the beach. Luckily, the sun’s always out in SoCal, so I never go anywhere without my shades – even in the winter. I prefer polarized sunglasses, but as long as they block UVA and UVB rays I know i’m protected. I like edgier styles like the D’Blanc Guilty Pleasure most of the time, but if I go for a beach run I’ll wear my trusty Oakley Frogskins.







A day at the beach shouldn’t be interrupted by any kind of schedule, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Between school, work, friends, and family there’s always something going on. So a good surf watch is crucial for those surf sessions that have to eventually get cut short. I’m particularly fond of Tide Watches! Nixon and Electric are making the coolest of tide watches, so I would be stoked on either brand! I can’t decide which one I like more, the Sky Blue Nixon Supertide, or the Electric ED01 Nato in the 80’s New Wave print!







There’s nothing better than surfing in warm water, so having a stylish surf suit is very important for any surfer girl! The El Nino has made the water so warm in SoCal that I can still wear my rashguards and surf suits in November! Wetsuit weather is coming soon, but a new surf suit for Christmas will definitely come in handy when the water gets warm again. The new Seea suits are to die for! I also love the Rip Curl Desert Fox Rashguard and the O’Neill Cella Long Sleeve Surfsuit.




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