The VANS Triple Crown of Surfing Celebrates 30 Years with an ASP World Title Showdown

First Event of Triple Crown – Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haliewa Starts on November 12th

As the world’s best surfers descend on Santa Cruz for the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, the surf world is already buzzing about the fact that this year will see the ASP World Title decided at Pipeline. With 5 surfers mathematically in the running for the World Title, this year’s Triple Crown will undoubtedly be watched by more viewers on the sand, and online, than ever before.

Joel Parkinson has been the most consistent surfer on tour this year and is the ratings leader heading into the Triple Crown.

The 5 surfers in the running (in order of ranking) are Joel Parkinson, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, John John Florence, and Adriano De Souza. There are a variety of things that need to play out for each surfer behind Joel to become World Champ. Of course, the 9th event of the 10 event season starts on Thursday in Santa Cruz, and what happens there will determine the scenarios going into the Pipe Masters. With that being said, Joel Parkinson can only clinch the title in Santa Cruz if he wins the event and Kelly Slater gets a 13th or worse, and Mick Fanning gets a 9th or worse. If Joel gets a 2nd place or worse it will go to Pipeline Masters regardless of the other contenders results. Kelly cannot win the World Title in Santa Cruz. Even with a 1st place and Joel a 25th it will go to Pipe, which is what everyone is hoping for. Although Adriano is pretty much out of the race, he still has a mathematical chance at winning the title.

World Title Scenarios pre-Triple Crown.

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing has had memorable and historical showdowns for the World Title in the past. The most recent battles between Andy Irons and Kelly Slater are obviously the most famous, but there have been many including CJ Hobgood’s 2001 World Title he managed to win by outlasting his competitors at Pipe. This year proves to be one for the ages as five of the surf world’s heavy hitters go for the title.

Due to John John Florence's uncanny ability to find the best waves on the North Shore and his position in the World Title race, you can count on seeing some heavy performances by the ASP Rookie!
Local standouts always have an edge over competitors in the Triple Crown. Maui born Ola Eleogram (pictured here) killed it at Sunset last year boosting him into the spotlight.
Taj Burrow is the defending champion of the first event of the Triple Crown - the Reef Hawaiian Pro.
Unlike his last two titles that were won before Hawaii, Kelly Slater will have to fight a little harder for a World Title this year.

Aside from the Billabong Pipeline Masters, the Triple Crown’s two other events are sure to be action packed as well. Just the Hawaiian pros alone would make these events top level, but add in the international Prime and Star series surfers, and the World Tour surfers on the bubble looking for points to remain on tour, and you have two contests that are overflowing with talent.

Highlights from the final day of the 2011 Reef Hawaiian Pro

Highlights from the final day of the 2011 Vans World Cup of Surfing

Highlights from the final day of the 2011 Billabong Pipeline Masters

The schedule for the 2012 Triple Crown is as follows: Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haliewa (Prime rated event) – November 12-24, Vans World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach (Prime rated event) – November 25-December 6, Billabong Pipeline Masters (World Tour event) – December 8-20.

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