The Rebirth of Plastic Skateboards is Getting Crazier with Graphics, Swirls, and AstroTurf

Who was it who re-ignited the flame that sparked up this whole plastic skateboard craze?   Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone pushing some plastic.   Whether you’re skating on a deck made by Globe, Penny, or Team Phun, it’s going to be pure fun.  These small inexpensive retro boards a just enough to satisfy that vintage craving and remind us of simpler times.   But the molded deck craze has forced these vendors to come up with new designs and ideas to really differentiate themselves from the next guy.

The Bantam Graphic ST

Globe has recently released the Bantam ST.  The ST stands for swallow tail and the deck is a bit smaller.  They have also made them a bit more flexible than their original Bantam Cruiser.  Some of them also feature an all over print graphic.  Some epic new designs ranging from camo to your grandma’s couch.

The Penny Marble Skateboards
The Penny Organic Skateboard and Penny iPhone Cases

Penny has brought a couple of new styles to the game as well.  They created an Eco-friendly plastic deck that biodegrades when you bury it in the dirt called the Penny Organic Skateboard.  We love their sustainable products like this.  Recently they have come out with a line of decks that feature a marbled swirl.  This insures that you will have a unique deck and that no two are the same.  They also come with a rad sack of marbles.

The Team Phun Astroboard

Most interesting of all, Team Phun has come out with the Astroboard.  This deck is topped with a patented AstroTurf deck which makes skating barefoot a breeze.  It’s a more comfortable ride and has definitely set itself apart from the rest.

Regardless of what you are riding, pushing plastic is fun.  You can check out all of these new plastic skateboards and many more at Sundance Beach.

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