February 18, 2015

The Nixon Neo Preen Collection



New for Spring 2015 is the Neo Preen Collection from Nixon! This series of bright and bold watches feature unique artwork that will liven up your day! The pastel color palette is on point trend-wise with soft yellows and blues mixing in with bright oranges and pinks to create a colorful camouflage. The collection features The Time Teller, The Small Time Teller, and The Lodown II.





The Time Teller is one of Nixon’s best selling watches to date. It’s simple and modern design is a no frills approach to timekeeping. The Neo Preen Time Teller features all the best aspects of the Time Teller with all the pop of the Neo Preen artwork.




The Small Time Teller is a tinier version of the crowd favorite Time Teller. Perfect for smaller wrists and ladies, the Small Time Teller is lightweight yet durable.




The Lowdown II is the latest version of Nixon’s iconic tidewatch. This watch is built for the surf and has pre-progammed tide readings for 270 beaches worldwide through 2020! The modern design and attractive styling makes this watch a favorite with land lovers too.




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