The 2010 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing 2010

If your a surfing enthusiast like myself, then you know that the biggest events in contest surfing just went down hard! This years vans triple crown brought us mediocre surf (by North Shore standards), epic surfing from the competitors, and high action drama in the water!! All in all this year was one of the most exciting Triple Crowns Ive seen since Andy Irons slayed Kelly Slater during the drama filled year of 2003. From Dusty almost not re qualifying to Parko winning his 3rd Triple Crown of Surfing, this year was sick!

Reef Hawaiian Pro 2010

It all started at The Reef  Hawaiian Pro in Haleiwa ( SURF 2-3ft hawaiian style). .

Everyone was surfing great, but it was Billabong’s Joel Parkinson who took the crown. This win was his come back from a recent foot injury he suffered while surfing his home break of Snapper Rock on the Gold Coast of Australia. This win also set the momentum for the rest of the Triple Crown.

Joel Parkinson on the podium for his first place win in Haleiwa!

Next was The O’Neill World Cup of Surfing held at Sunset Beach/Vland/ Kammieland ( SURF 2-3 hawaiian style). .

O'Neill World Cup of Surfing

The surf of the North Shore was pretty small during the Sunset comp, which forced organizers to run one event at dual locations. They had one group of judges judging surfers at Kammieland and another group scoring the boys shredding inside Vland.

Though it was small, everyone was ripping! Leading the pack and eventually taking the win was Brazilian Raoni Monteiro who barley beat out the young aussie up and comer Julian Wilson.

Raoni Monteiro took the 1!

Last, yet the most respected event of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and possible the world tour was The Billabong Pipe Masters in memory of Andy Irons.

The Billabong Pipe Matsers in Memory of Andy Irons

This event started in some okay surf, the swell had alot of north in it making backdoor the prevelant direction of travel for surfers. The further into the event we went, the better the surf got! Tons of good exciting heats in the contest. Arguably the most exciting would have to be Dusty Payne Vs. Mick Fanning in round 5. The heat was huge for Dusty, who needed to advance in order to stay on the World Tour next year. Mick had him combed with minutes left on the clock. Dusty was watching his tour dreams go out the window when all of a sudden a sickie rolled through backdoor. He paddles pulls in and comes out flawlessly. Judges award him a 9.0 a very respectable score, but in order to win Dusty needs an 8.95. Fanning catches a little one and pulls out early in order to gain priority, little does he know that the priority is Dusty’s. Dusty’s stoked on priority but all of a sudden the ocean goes flat. Dusty is visibly upset, splashing the water as if he had already accepted the loss. Out of no where lumps start forming over the horizin, Dusty sees this and starts paddling his hear out! With 12 seconds left, Dusty pulls in to a gnarly backdoor barrel, comes out and claims it! The judges award him a 9.87, keeping him on tour for 2011. Dusty Payne was real close to Andy Irons, and after this freak wave appeared out of no where everyone was saying Andy sent it to Dusty. Pretty cool=)

The contest came down to Kelly Slater vs Jeremy Flores and Dane Reynolds vs. Kierrin Perrow

Slater and Reynolds were the obvious favorite for the final. That didnt happen, instead the exact opposite.

The final was very exciting as well. Perrow had the thing won until the last few minutes where Flores got one of the longest backdoor pits in the while event. Jeremy Flores claims this as his biggest acheivement in his life. Congrats buddy!

Jeremy Flores your 2010 Pipe Master!!

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