Terror-ific TOMS Costume


I’m brilliant and decided to make a contest out of this holiday. While we are thinking about our silly costumes, why not try to help out one another?! You know…one for one.

If you include TOMS in your Halloween costume, I will give you a $10 Club Reward to spend on anything you want at Sundance Beach.

Don’t feel limited…Here are some ideas:

  1. You can dress AS a TOMS shoe
  2. You can include TOMS shoes in your outfit (like myself)
  3. You can incorporate the TOMS flag
  4. Paint your face as the TOMS flag
  5. Deck yourself out in all TOMS gear

Every participant will earn a Club Reward, but the winner will earn something extra! Send pictures of your awesome costumes to me, danise@sundancebeach.com!

Try to help out a child in need during this lovely Halloween by grabbing a new pair of terror-ific-TOMS. Besides, us gals know that we always regret the heels we decide to wear out, no denying that! Grab a pair of TOMS and be comfortable this Halloween.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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