June 24, 2015

Swell of the Year About to Hit West Oz and Indo!

An XXL surf alert was issued by the world’s surf forecast websites on Tuesday as a rather large system continued to develop in the Indian Ocean. This storm is set to be the swell of the year in the Indian Ocean and send earth-shaking surf to West Australia by Thursday, before reaching the Maldives and Indonesia late Friday.

According to surfline.com this storm has a particularly ferocious bite as sustained open ocean seas of 50 – 60 feet have been recorded by satellites. A huge gradient between the low (922mb) and high (1032) pressure is causing continuous 35-60kt winds over a huge area, or fetch, basically taking up the whole South Indian Ocean. Additionally, their lead forecaster Kevin Wallis claims “We have seen multiple satellite passes confirming seas of 50 feet, with one pass indicating seas of just a hair under 60 feet. Satellite confirmed seas of 60 feet have happened only a handful of times around the globe in the last decade.”

These type of swells draw the hellmen, and women, of our sport to band together and go on strike missions to swell exposed regions around the Eastern Indian Ocean. By Sunday, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing social media posts from Perth to Bali claiming “swell of the decade!” West Oz slab hunters like Mark Matthews will be leading the charge in his neck of the woods, and we can’t wait to see pics of The Right at it’s heaviest.  A host of international pros that call Bali home will be on it for sure as forecasted wave heights of 30ft are supposed to slam the long reef passes.

By the time the system moves west and passes under Australia and New Zealand it’s supposed to flare up again. Giving Fiji, Tahiti, and South America a healthy dose of XXL surf. After that, the swell produced by this macker will gradually decay as it makes it’s way to Central America, the West Coast of North America, and Hawaii. Fingers crossed the storm behaves as predicted and we get to see another round of huge Puerto Escondido XXL clips that go viral. By the time this swell finally reaches California it will have traveled half way around the world for over ten days. Although it will deliver some solid overhead south swell to the Golden State for several days from July 4th and beyond, the swell won’t have the same punch like a closer swell-making system similar to last summer’s Hurricane Marie. Nevertheless, after a few weeks of marginal surf in California, anything will be welcome.

Check out the forecasted computer model from MeteoEarth.

  • xxl-swell-the-right
    If conditions are clean, images of Western Australia's The Right will be all over social media. Photo: Chris Shanahan by Russel Ord.

We’ll post more pics and vids on our social media as the swell makes landfall!

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