Surreal Cloudbreak with Kelly Slater and Bobby Martinez

Sundance Beach Pioneer Andrew Bennett Scores in Fiji!

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezNot a drop of water out of place was a realistic claim this day.

Words and Captions by Andrew Bennett // Photos by Seth de Roulet.

Cloudbreak is unique compared to other world-class waves because you can get a long barrel, do turns down the reef, or do both on the same wave.  On June 19th all the variables aligned for Cloudbreak to be just about as good as surfing gets. With two of the best surfers on the planet there to scoop up the best waves it was an experience that I’ll remember forever.

Looking out of a perfect barrel at Cloudbreak and seeing Kelly Slater in the channel throwing double shakas is something you don’t see every day.

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezThe evening offshore winds combined with a long interval swell created groomed walls to bank off.

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezSome of the barrels were extraordinarily long and peeled down through the end section named “shish-kabobs”.

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezAll day sessions + living in board shorts + beautiful sunsets = paradise.

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezI still can’t believe Bobby Martinez went on a surf trip!

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezHe caught a lot of ridiculously perfect waves on his little 5’6” Channel Islands New Flyer.

Cloudbreak_Kelly Slater_Bobby MartinezGetting caught inside was no fun. It could take 10-15 min to get back to the line-up if you found yourself getting mowed by a set.


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