October 28, 2016

Surfing La Santa with Natxo Gonzalez in Lanzarote

Natxo Gonzalez hails from the Basque Country with salt water flowing through his veins. It’s no surprise the young fellow would feel right at home in Lanzarote, sometimes referred to as the “Hawaii of Europe.” With waves like El Quemao, “the Pipeline of the Canary Islands,” volcanic composition and exposure to unimpeded deep water swell, it’s not an off comparison. But Lanzarote, situated fifty or so miles off the coast of Northwest Africa, has it’s own geography, culture, and of course waves.

“Lanzarote is an island that has always given me good vibes. I have some amazing memories here. But this time the swell was different. When the wind switched, I was able to see a wave that I’ve never heard of, and now I think people will talk about it,” says Natxo. We think the film and edit by Jon Aspuru masterfully captures the rugged beauty found in this little corner of the Atlantic.

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