Surfrider Foundation Needs Your Help To Protect the Gaviota Coast

New Documentary The Twenty Aims at Preserving SoCal’s Last Stretch of Undeveloped Coast . . . Forever!

The Surfrider Foundation film "The Twenty" will document the struggle to preserve the Gaviota Coast, an unspoiled, rural coastline with incredible biodiversity and pristine views.

“Twenty men, for twenty years, for twenty miles . . . The Twenty is an inspiring story of ordinary people, fueled by their passion and their love, who stand together against improbable odds to defend one of California’s last great places.”


Did you know that 280 of Southern California’s 300 miles of coastline has already been lost to development in just two generations? What remains is the last 20 miles of unspoiled, rural coastline located just north of Santa Barbara, the Gaviota Coast.

For the last twenty years, twenty men have fought tooth and nail to defend this last stretch of undeveloped coast against an onslaught of ultra-wealthy developers, huge corporations, and elected officials.

The Twenty documents the trials and tribulations of these twenty men and the hurdles they have, and will continue, to overcome.

A recent decision to block the development of the Naples area of the Gaviota Coast (pictured here) was a huge win for the community and for the environmental rights of California's citizens.

A documentary film like this is an ideal way to spread the message to the masses, and that’s where Surfrider Foundation needs your help. A fundraising campaign is underway to help cover the cost of the film that will bring awareness to the situation. Many donations have been gracefully made by members of the community, surfers, outdoor enthusiasts, and environmental activists but their goal has yet to be reached.

Surfers 4 Cetaceans founder, environmental activist, and Pro Surfer David Rastovich (at left) knows the importance of saving the last stretch of undeveloped coast.

Please take the time to watch the trailer for the film and find out how to donate to the project. There you will also find the producers goals for the film, who is involved, and other ways to help save the Gaviota Coast.

Join The Twenty on Facebook to find out more.

Of course, any donation is tax deductible as the Surfrider Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit California corporation.

Imagine what this beautiful coastline would look like with hotels, McMansions, and urban sprawl. Haven't we seen enough of that in SoCal?
Gaviota Deer pass through a field along the rural Gaviota Coastline.
In this photo you can see the furthest that urban development has reached to the northern extent of Southern California. At the middle left is the atrocious beachfront Bacara Resort, and to the middle right is the last housing tract built in the late 90's. The land to the upper left is the start of the Gaviota Coast.




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