May 15, 2015

Surf Suits That are Fun, Functional, and Fabulous

If you live in California, chances are you spend a fair amount of time at the beach and in the Pacific Ocean. You’re also probably well versed in wriggling in and out of a heavy neoprene wet suit between surf sessions, ocean swims or paddle boarding adventures. Southern California is a beach goers utopia but our waters can still be a little chilly, especially during summer when the northerly winds pull the warmer surface water away and colder waters from the deep take its place (this is called upwelling). Not to mention most bikinis leave a little to be desired in the performance department and Mother Ocean doesn’t have any qualms filling your favorite suit with sand or showing no mercy and removing it entirely as soon as you step into the surf. The good news is that swimwear manufacturers have taken note and many of them are adding thinner and more fashionable neoprene and spandex surf suits to their bikini lines for the 2015 swimwear season. There’s finally a compromise between wearing your favorite bikini and risking damage or embarrassment, or having to look like a plump sea lion in your slippery black wet suit.

Surf Swim Suit - Body Glove

We’re really excited about the super fast drying, light and stretchy Body Glove Tarahiki Paddle Suit pictured on Kauaian WSL World Championship Tour rookie and Body Glove surf team rider Tatiana Weston-Webb (above). This suit is feather light and provides fantastic sun protection for those long afternoon downwind paddles.

Surf Swim Suit - Body Glove

Body Glove has always been a leader when it comes to comfortable, high quality swimwear that still looks great with fashionable cuts, prints and color selections. It’s no surprise they’d be up at the top of our list of new women’s surf suits for 2015. In addition to the Tarihiki they’ve also gifted the swimwear world with the Distraction Paddle Suit (above/below) that combines Body Glove’s signature swim/workout materials blend for a seamless transition between water and land based activities. Both the Tarahiki and Distraction surf suits by Body Glove offer a low profile front zip for easy entry.

Surf Swim Suit - Body Glove

Another offering in the 2015 surf suit line comes from a relatively new player in the swimwear industry that we absolutely love: Amuse Society! The Aloha Tropical Long Sleeve Cheeky One Piece Swimsuit is a fine example of blending functional performance with fashion and we love the classic aloha vibe the monochrome hibiscus flower print provides. This suit by Amuse Society features 1mm neoprene construction to keep your upper body warm and protected from the sun while playing in the waves.

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints Amuse Society Swiwear

Amuse Society isn’t the only brand with a monochromatic floral print surf suit on offer for 2015. Enter the O’Neill 365 Activewear line from O’Neill Women’s and the 365 Voda One Piece Suit (below). Jack O’Neill founded the brand in 1952 and basically pioneered the surfing wet suit in the chilly Pacific waters off Santa Cruz, California. Every O’Neill suit pulls from decades of wet suit design and technology innovation, the bottom line is they all fit and function at the highest level. If it’s good enough for Malia Manuel, it’ll be sure to work for us!

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints Oneill surf suit

Yet another surf suit from a major player in the swimwear & wet suit industry is the Billabong Salty Daze Long Sleeve Spring Suit worn by Californian phenom Courtney Conlogue (below). The Salty Daze spring suit is closer to a traditional wet suit, incorporating the thickest material (2mm neoprene) in any of the women’s surf suits we’ll carry for 2015. This suit is ideal for keeping the morning fog chill at bay during those summer dawn patrols at Lower Trestles, Malibu or of course Courtney’s home break at the Huntington Beach Pier. With bright color blocked sleeves and torso details you can still spice up your surf session with a little high fashion.

Surf Swim Suit - Billabong

Last but certainly not least on our list is a swimwear brand whose main focus is having fun in the waves: the Seea. According to founder and designer Amanda Chinchelli the name originated from “my love of the sea” and every bikini or surf suit they sell is “cut with waves in mind.” We’ve always been fond of the classic retro vibes, fun prints and California/Italian blended design combined with the legendary high performance & functionality that the Seea swimwear brings to the table. These suits were born to slide along the perfect summertime waves found along the California coast from Malibu to San Onofre.

Surf Swim Suit - Seea


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