Sundance Beach Welcomes Quiksilver Juniors to the Family!

Sundance Beach is introducing a new line…Quiksilver Juniors.

Nope. Its not Roxy. Its different and new!

As everybody, I’m sure, noticed, Roxy always tended to gear towards a younger audience. Quiksilver Juniors is geared more for juniors that want to stay away from the big logos and crazy shapes and colors. The uniqueness is outstanding! It might have changed my mind on my favorite brand we carry at Sundance Beach…I’m not trying to pick favorite! 🙂

Although Quiksilver Juniors costs more than Roxy, I promise its worth it. It’s not as readily available in every store that you enter, its still pretty new. YOU should be the first person in your group of friends to start showing it off…And guess what, it’s already on the racks at Sundance Beach.

Click here to watch their short video. Are you inspired?! I AM!

So, you’re probably wondering what Quiksilver Junior goodies Sundance Beach has!

Take a look!

Quiksilver Jr

I really enjoy Quiksilver Jr’s simplicity.

Both of these outfits seem perfect for Santa Barbara, or any city in California, for that matter! Layered!

The left mannequin is wearing: the Quiksilver Junior Signature Hoodie, $42, and the Quiksilver Junior Original Crew Tee, $22.

The right mannequin is wearing: the Quiksilver Junior Signature Hoodie, $42, and the Quiksilver Junior Kimono Blouse, $37.

Quiksilver Jr

These are perfect for summer. Both are light fitted and easy to keep cool in.

The mannequin on the left is wearing the Quiksilver Junior Quilt Tank, $27.

The mannequin on the right is wearing the Quiksilver Junior Winki Vee Wing Tee, $27. I personally think this outfit is great when heading down to the beach with the friends and planning on getting a quick bite to eat before, during, or after!

Quiksilver JrThis adorable mannequin is wearing the Quiksilver Crafty Tunic, $47.

You’re probably wondering what the name of these shorts are that the mannequins are wearing! They aren’t Quiksilver, but they are the fabulous Volcom. They are the Dallas 5 Pckt short and they are $40. They come in blondie (white), moddy blue, and rinse wash!

So, let’s all give Quiksilver Juniors a WARM welcome at Sundance Beach!

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