Sundance Beach at SBCC!

Last week, Sundance Beach had its first tent sale on campus at Santa Barbara City College and it was a success! We met lots of great people, listened to some great tunes, and sold some really great stuff (product you won’t find in our store)! It turned out to be a beautiful day on West Campus, which looks over Leadbetter Beach, a favorite spot of ours in Santa Barbara. Our team had a blast out there and we can’t wait to do it again very soon!

We set up early and students were stopping by on the way to their morning classes.

Even on an overcast morning, SBCC students are ready to buy bikinis!

Perfect day for cruisin’!

What a tough job!

One of the buyers for Sundance Beach, Preston, supervising the sale, or just hanging out. Who can tell really? It was that kind of day!

We love our jobs!

The sun came out and so did the shoppers between classes!

Shopping away on a beautiful day!

Stoked to walk away with some new gear from Sundance Beach!

We had way too much fun…so when are we coming back? Keep a lookout, Santa Barbara City College! We’ll be back.

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