Summertime and the Livings Easy . . .so are wovens!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Summer is in full effect along the California coastline and at Sundance Beach. Goodbye winter storms, and cold mornings! Welcome good weather and afternoon Bar B Ques!! Bar B Ques are probably my favorite things about summer, being that the waves in SB are pretty much non existent. What better way to kill the time then a little BBQ with the crew and some grub! BBQ’s are very versatile in the sense that it can be  a casual kickback with the crew where anything goes, or a more serious event such as a BBQ with co-workers. For the casual kickback it would be cool to show up in a tank top and board shorts, the work BBQ not so much. Well what article of clothing says casual and dressy all in one piece?????? The short sleeve woven!!! For years the short sleeve button up woven has said yeah Im casual. . but Im also a classy/sophisticated gentlemen. You could even undue the top two buttons, throw some wrinkles on the piece and say your the complete opposite of that! Yeah Im casual. . but im definatley not classy or a sophisticated gentlemen! What ever your emo may be the short sleeve button down woven is always a safe choice for summer events in general. Whether its a graduation, fathers day or any other occasion that calls for a slight upgrade in style, wovens got your back! At Sundance Beach we have a wide varity of short sleeve wovens. We have plaid, solid, stripes, basic and aloha print wovens from companies such as: O’Neill, Volcom, RVCA, Quiksilver, Matix, Hurley, Billabong, Element and Honolua. So stop by our shop located in Goleta, CA or check us out at

Peace and AlohaZ



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