Story of the Stone

Perhaps one of the most recognizable logos in the action sports industry, the Volcom Stone has changed the world of surf, skate, and snowboarding in every way since its humble beginnings almost two decades ago.  Originally founded in 1991 by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall with a $5000 loan from Richard’s dad, Volcom’s first headquarters were located inside the bedrooms of the their houses in Newport and Huntington Beach. Neither of them knew anything about making clothes, but both had the desire to bring the boarding lifestyles they enjoyed to the masses.

In a time when skating and snowboarding was looked down upon, Volcom was the FIRST clothing manufacturer to cater to surf, skate, and snowboarders under one banner. This was ground breaking. Through grassroots style marketing and underground hype, Volcom quickly grew to an industry leader while preserving their ever present philosophy of “Youth Against Establishment”. This movement was a way to support young, creative thinking and was evident in all aspects of the company’s actions.

By 1995, Volcom was in full bloom with a prolific Surf, Skate, and Snowboard team that included many of the sports finest and most unique athletes. With prolific use of the Stone logo and edgy, collage style Pop-Art from resident artist Ethan Anderson, Volcom’s clothing became a medium to express the ideologies of youth culture. In an effort to offer a means to express their riders creativity, Volcom launched the “Featured Artists” line of clothing that included original artwork from team riders and aspiring artists. This was the FIRST line of clothing to feature original art on t-shirts and accessories. Also in 1995, Volcom was the FIRST action sport company to create a record label aptly entitled, Volcom Entertainment. Some of their best known bands include: CKY, The Line, Pepper, Vaux, Guttermouth, Valient Thorr, Riverboat Gamblers, Year Long Disaster, and The Birds Of Avalon. Volcom entertainment also produced the “Volcom Stage” on the Vans Warped Tour for ten years until, in 2007, they began their own annual international tour simply titled, “The Volcom Tour”.

Throughout all of this, Volcom has never lost its cutting edge appeal to the youth of the boarding culture and has found that its philosophy has transferred seamlessly to the next generation of innovative and creative surfers, skaters, snowboarders, artists, and musicians.  In 2009, Sundance Beach was proud to be your local retail outlet for everything Volcom.

Story written by: Ryan Richardson

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