Stocking Stuffers for Surfers




Surfers can be a tough bunch to shop for. They often tend to be loyal to a certain brand or style that can change from year to year, or even quicker depending on current trends. Luckily, stocking stuffers for a surfer are a little bit easier to find.


Don’t settle for the cliche stocking stuffer for surfers – surf wax. Surfers usually have plenty of wax around, and you can find it at any gas station near the coast. Instead, fill those stockings on the mantle with more thoughtful items that your surfer wouldn’t expect to find inside a stocking. Here’s a quick list to stoke out the ripper in your life.


Surf Watches and Nixon Mini Blasters РThese surfy gifts fit easily into a stocking while providing essential tide info and music for a pre-surf amp up! Nixon and Electric Tide Watches look great and can take a beating in the surf. The Nixon Mini Blaster is a bluetooth speaker with water resistant properties for a day at the beach.


Gift Guide for Surfers


Sunscreen and Surf Suits – A surfer can’t surf forever without some solid waterproof sunscreen. New surfsuits are made of super stretchy, light-weight nylon that can easily be folded to fit into a stocking. It would be an awesome surprise!


Gift Guide for Surfers


Stance Socks and Neff Beanies РBy far the most popular  Christmas Gift for surfers are Stance Socks. The unique styles and colors are in demand by any surfer. Neff Beanies are available in a trillion colors and are the go-to beanie brand for all surfers in the know.




Hats and Wallets – A good hat is a surfer’s daily companion. Protects the face and eyes from the sun, and tames a salty hair do. Roll the bill into a tube and stuff it in a stocking to stoke out your grommet! Wallets are a no brainer and we have tons of styles and brands to choose from.




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