Spy Crosstown Exclusive Collection

To celebrate Spy’s newest members of its surf team, Spy sunglasses decided to make a hip collection of shades to help captivate the unique styles of it newest riders who include; Nate Tyler, Ryan Burch, Jared Mell and Wade Goodall. This extremely limited-edition line of vintage-inspired, handcrafted sunglasses dubbed the “Spy Crosstown Collection” directly reflect the brand’s newest ambassadors and surf personalities.

These shades combine the perfect amount of fashion and function to help keep your style on point!  To add even more significance to the collection, Spy only made it available for purchase from its top tier surf and fashion retailers nation wide. Sundance Beach was honored to find out that we are one of the elite shops that get to carry this epic product! So get it from Sundancebeach.com while their still fresh, cause I guarantee this will be an item that collectors will bid like crazy for on ebay in the near future!


  • My son told me he wanted a pair of the Spy Yonkers from this Crosstown collection but he said they were hard to find….boy was he wrong! Not only did I find my son the sunnies he wanted but I also learned a little about the product myself! Good deal! Thanks!

  • These are those new sunglasses that all the hip kids are wearing…i actually tried a pair on at your shop by costco today. They make me feel way cooler than i am hahah!!! time for a summer change with some new summer shades=)

  • The Haight shades from the Crosstown collection are my favorite. They really encompass Spy’s passion for the city, quality design, music, art and the outdoors. I would love to have these for music festivals.

  • I grew up wearing Spy’s…i think its awesome that as ive grown up, Spy has grown up with me! This new collection is full of fresh styles. I hear theyre pretty hard to find but i found them on your site by searching through google so i was stoked! I like the Beachwoods!

  • These styles are epic. The entire vibe is a tribute to the creative movement in progressive youth that has spilled over into action sports, particularly surf and skate.

    @kim Spy has been around since before Raen was a gleam in the eye of the designers who formed it. The inspiration behind lines like these comes from many sources, including vintage and modern designer lines like Oliver Peoples, who Raen is ripping off with their entire collection. Creativity is how well you hide your inspiration.

    @David, maybe you should try a little harder on your grammer.

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