Springtime in Hawaii

Fun Surf and Fewer Tourists on Oahu in April!

North Shore fun
Hawaii in Spring. Left: North Shore surf shop. Right: Bodysurfing Sandy Beach.

Let’s face it, Hawaii is the ultimate tropical destination for Americans. The island chain is easy to get to, shares the same currency and language, and is relatively inexpensive compared to other Pacific or Caribbean Islands. But all that glitters is not gold. On Oahu (the most populated island) over development and tourist overload can make the experience feel a little less than authentic. Trips during our Winter or Summer will see the most tourism. That’s why you have to go in the Spring and break away from the sightseeing tours and whale watching boats and explore the islands in your own way!

Instead of following the herd of tourists as they buzz around Honolulu, create a Hawaiian experience that is unique to you. Pinpoint what you’re passionate about and use it as a focus for your vacation! If hiking is your main squeeze, then explore the mountain ridge trails with views that will leave you breathless. If you’re a waterbaby, snorkel and scuba your way around the island and avoid the busloads of ocean first-timers at Hanauma Bay. Are you an adrenalin addict? Then sky-dive on the North Shore, or bodysurf Sandy Beach.

North Shore_8
Looking West on the North Shore of Oahu.
North Shore_6
Looking East on the North Shore of Oahu.

For me, surfing is what I’m most passionate about, so the North Shore of Oahu is always the logical place to start. While the North Shore is packed with visiting pros, photographers, and surf industry peeps during the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing in November and December, the Spring months of March and April have half of the crowds and all of the surf. Many surf spots on the Seven Mile Miracle had only a few guys out on my trip and were in the four to six foot range (Hawaiian Scale). I managed to surf the super famous spots Off-The-Wall and Pipeline with a fraction of the normal crowd. While there were still a lot of guys on it, the crowd paled in comparison to the frenzy that occurs in winter months.

North Shore_4
The left at Off-The-Wall was working well this day.

I had some business to take care of on the town side of the island (the South Shore), so I had to spend one day in Honolulu. To my surprise an off-season South Swell was filling in with head high waves at all the well-known reefs fronting the hotel scene in Waikiki! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my board with me. But a quick bodysurfing session at the infamous shorepound at Sandy Beach was a blast! Head high tubes lasted for only a moment before destruction on the sand. Luckily, my Hurley boardies didn’t get ripped off of me in the powerful shorebreak.

North Shore_7
Sandy Beach had some solid head high+ surf on the outside reef,

Back on the North Shore the next day, I managed to get 4 hours of surf in before having to pack up to make our afternoon flight back home. The crazy part about Hawaii is that the swell can just jump up out of nowhere. That morning my friends and I surfed fun 4ft waves. But after we had finished packing and were leaving the North Shore the surf had jumped up to 12ft+, and by sunset it was 20 feet! I’m glad I wasn’t out there during that swell increase.

North Shore_5
The lifeguard station at Pipeline looking towards Ehukai Beach.
North Shore_2
Backdoor and Pipeline were really fun.
North Shore_3
A fun peak breaks down the beach with only a few surfers out.

Yeah, you can say that Oahu is a solid destination during the Spring Break months of March and April. There’s less tourists and surfers than during our winter months, and there’s more surf than the summer months.¬†And it’s not just better for surfing, less crowds are better for everyone!¬†Definitely worth the trip!

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