Shop for the Kids!

For many parents and relatives, it’s difficult to find that perfect gift that you know your kids will love. At Sundance Beach, we’ve got the kids clothing covered, with so many options, you’re bound to get it right this year! Check out just a few styles we have in store and online for this holiday season.

Top left: Roxy Girl Strange Love Flannel, Roxy Girl Hooty Hoot Tee. Top right: Roxy Girl Salute Dress. Bottom left: Roxy Girl Supa Crush Long Sleeve, Roxy Girl Bundle Up Vest. Bottom right: Roxy Girl Hooty Hoot Tee, Roxy Girl Bundle Up Vest.

Top left: Roxy Girl Winter Crush Coat. Top right: O’Neill Wren Dress. Bottom left: Roxy Girl Strange Love Flannel. Bottom right: Roxy Girl Snow Angel Sweater.

Animal Hats

Tiny Sparkle TOMS

Top left: Volcom Constant Change Boys Flannel, Volcom Transplant 210 Fitted Hat. Top right: Billabong Hutchinson Boys Flannel. Bottom left: Billabong Foster Boys Flannel. Bottom right: Quiksilver Double Rainbow Longsleeve.

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