March 14, 2016

Shark Diving on the North Shore of Oahu


Shark Diving in Hawaii
Shark Diving in Hawaii


Our friend Cortni recently went for a swim in the Pacific Ocean… which is nothing out of the ordinary for a gal who spends most of her time on the Hawaiian Islands, however this time she had some unusual company: Sandbar sharks! (read more about Sandbar sharks here)

You probably wouldn’t want to just rent a boat and swim with sharks so of course┬áCortni was accompanied by a professional dive outfit based out of Haleiwa Harbor called Island View Hawaii.

She described the experience as a bit spooky because “the sharks charge up from the darkness of the deep and then turn away from you at the last minute.” Maybe not the best vacation activity for the faint of heart but Cortni said she felt natural and that she wasn’t scared at all. Don’t forget to check out Island View Hawaii’s Instagram for more shark diving photos and the under water island experience!



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