June 29, 2015

Seven All-American Spots to Surf on July 4th

Nothing says summer like a day at the beach on July 4th. The classic American holiday draws millions of people to every coastline in the country for a long day of BBQ’s, fireworks, and SURF! Since July 4th is on a Saturday this year, that number will be even greater as beach-goers make the holiday into a full weekend of fun. It’s the one holiday where most surfers don’t mind an overcrowded beach or surf spot as everyone’s just stoked to have the day off and enjoy the party!

Given the season, there’s certain American surf spots that soak up summer swells better than others. So if you want to find some surf on July 4th you have to look at the right places. It just so happens that some of the country’s most iconic surf spots are great in the summer! Surf forecasts are showing that all coasts of the good ‘ole USA will have surf on Saturday. Here’s a closer look at seven surf spots that will have fun surf, and offer a lively beach scene as well.

Waikiki Reef Breaks, Oahu, Hawaii

The queen of Waikiki – Two-time longboard World Champ Kelia Moniz. Photo: Heff.

The South Shore has been having a solid summer so far with a couple large south swells lighting up the coast in May and June. Forecasts predict another head-high plus swell hitting the south shore of the island on the 4th. Luckily, there’s so many peaks out in front of the famous Waikiki Beach that surfers can spread out and enjoy it. With the bustling city of Honolulu at your feet featuring all sorts of entertainment, you can expect an awesome July 4th on the South Shore!

Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California

Lower Trestles – is there any place in America you would rather surf on July 4th? Photo: Bryce Lowe-White.

Easily one of the best high performance waves in the world, the Lowers section of Trestles is loved by groms and pros the world over. It’s also a sure bet for surf on July 4th. This spot soaks up any hint of south swell and has a large beach to hang out on. Swell heights predicted for the 4th are in the head-high range at standout spots like Lowers. The decent sized swell should make most spots in the area break, so this should relieve some pressure at the usually heavily crowded Trestles. Go early and post up with friends and family for a full day of Southern California’s hottest reef break!

Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach Pier – America’s most famous surf spot outside of Hawaii? Photo: Seth Thomas Matson.

Surf City USA, will be off the hook on July 4th. While the chest-high plus south swell will make endless peaks up and down the beach and offer fun conditions, the scene on the beach will be raging! The areas on each side of the pier fill up first, so you might not see a lot of sand through all the people. Similar to the US Open of Surf, HB will be on full tilt July 4th with easily a hundred thousand visitors expected.

Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California

Steamer Lane is often best during the summer and will see a nice sized south swell on July 4th. Photo: Josh Loya by Ryan Craig.

The infamous Steamer Lane might be best known for having pumping winter surf, but it’s actually often at it’s best during good summer south swells. The whole coast of Santa Cruz faces south and is a magnet for summer Southern Hemi juice. The Lane organizes the long period swells into lengthy rides with warmer and cleaner conditions than winter time. But don’t think you’ll be ripping in your boardshorts. Santa Cruz requires a sturdy 4/3mm wetsuit year round. Forecasts show fun chest-high surf for the area. You can bet their will be a vibrant and eclectic group of locals and visitors hanging around the iconic lighthouse and surf-museum overlooking the break.

South Padre Island, Texas

Yes this is the Gulf Coast of Texas. South Padre Island, Hurricane Ike, 2008. Photo: Morgan Faulkner by Scott Elwood.

Known for having the best and most consistent surf in the Gulf Coast, South Padre Island forecasts are predicting solid shoulder-high windswell for the 4th! Access and parking is easy as you can drive up and down the beach looking for the best peak. Given the larger than life spirit of Texans you know July 4th will be a day to remember on the beaches of the Lone Star State. ‘Merica!

Long Beach, Long Island, New York

Long Beach, New York during the Quiksilver Pro New York back in 2011. Photo: Tyler Cuddy.

For many surfers, the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York was the first time they saw the excellent quality beachbreaks found on this consistent coastline. Facing due south, the area is in the line of fire for any tropical storm or hurricane swell charging up the coast. Hollow barreling peaks are the norm on these swells and the water’s warm. This beach is forecasted to have wave heights of 4-5 feet on the 4th. The large sandy beach and long wooden boardwalk will be packed with holiday fun-seekers and surfers alike. Surf all day and then party in NYC all night? Sounds awesome to us!

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks have long been known as having the East Coast’s best surf. Here’s what Hurricane Leslie looked like. Photo: Matt Lusk.

The Outer Banks may have received a lot of bad press recently due to a streak of shark attacks earlier this summer, but don’t believe the media hype. There’s no more sharks than usual, just way more people in the water. Locals and tourists are still surfing, swimming, and enjoying everything the Outer Banks are known for – long, sandy beaches with perfect, hollow waves! The surf on July 4th drops down to the waist to chest-high range, but still offers the excellent quality that made the area famous. The further south you drive down the sandy islands the more size you’ll find, although it may get lonely. Hang out near hotspots like Rodanthe and Cape Hatteras if you want a busier party scene on the weekend holiday.

Get out there and have some fun this weekend! Happy July 4th from Sundance Beach!

Top Photo: Kevin Skvarna by Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club.

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