Saturday: Carve Your Pumpkins!

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is carving pumpkins! After my visit to Lane Farms this past week, I picked out the perfect pumpkin, but was still left with the dilemma of what design to use. Here are a few ideas that I want to try out this weekend!

Show some love to your favorite brands or products like this TOMS pumpkin carving!

Remember some favorite childhood games as inspiration for your pumpkin, like this fun Pacman carving.

An owl is a great idea for Halloween! I love this design.

A design like this is not for the beginning carver, but if you can pull it off, you will definitely impress all your neighbors and friends!

Stay traditional with your pumpkin design because it always looks awesome!

Or skip the carving all together and do a simple but adorable little expression on your pumpkin!

Got some great ideas for your pumpkins this year? Share them with us!

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