Rusty's New Built In Machine Washable Headphones

Rusty Wired Series

How annoying is it when you have your iPod or iPhone  in your pocket with your earphones cord just hanging out everywhere?  There is that big gap of cord that your hand always gets caught in and pulls the plug out of your device or your ears.  It happens to me every time. So then I started being tricky and putting my earphone cord down through my shirt and then plug it into my iPhone. That somewhat works, but it’s just a little uncomfortable having a cord going through your clothes.

I was training for the Santa Barbara International Marathon until I got injured. Training is much easier when you have music to run to and keeps your pace going. Because of my work and school schedule, I had to run in the mornings, which tended to be chilly, so I would wear a jacket with the Nike device that would hold my iPhone on my arm. Too bad the Nike armbands don’t work and actually are a pain in the butt. The idea is great, but the practicality doesn’t pay off. The sweat on my arm would just run off into my iPhone and my sound got completely skewed. Plus, the cord to my earphone still bounced around and was completely distracting.

Where am I going with this?

Rusty Wired Series
Sundance Beach employee Missy modeling the Rusty Wired Series.

Rusty recently came out with the “Rusty Wired Series Fleece” that has built in earphones in the drawstrings of the jacket! Now you can plug your music device into the pocket of your jacket while walking around campus, running, skating, hiking, or even hyping yourself up for dawn patrol in the brisk cold mornings. A major plus about these jackets is that you can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

You can grab one of these on location at Sundance Beach, or make it easier on yourself by ordering one online!

Rusty Wired Series
Just plug in your iPod or iPhone and go!

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