Rusty Wired Series, revolutionizing the hoody game!

If you havent heard of Rusty’s new Wired Series dont feel bad, many people havent. . .

Its basically a sick hoody with drawstrips. The catch is the drawstrings are actually headphones that connect to a 3.5mm jack located in the pockets, and theyre washable!!!

Rusty’s really pushing the game to the next level, as a huge music buff myself, I can really appreciate the bridging of cultures. As if these two cultures, surfing and skating weren’t close enough already!

“Music is a huge part of our culture and kids are connected to it all the time,” said Charlie Setzler, President of Rusty North America. “Just drive by any high school – you’ll see most kids hanging out with some sort of headphones on, listening to music. What do kids do before they surf? They listen to music. What do they do when they’re done surfing? They eat, and then listen to music.”

Sundance Beach is expecting our first shipment after October 25th! Perfect for any i Phone, smart phone, or mp3 player!

“We are committed to providing a point of difference in the marketplace and delivering products that fit our lifestyle,” Setzler continued. “In the Boardshort category, Rusty came out with an amazing recycled stretch fabric called Ecostretch; and now, we’re setting ourselves apart again in Fleece with the Wired Series with HB3 Technology. Merging built-in machine washable headphones with great product makes it easy to listen to music regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going.”

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