R.I.P. Andy Irons, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten!

July 24,1978 – November 2, 2010

I left work early yesterday to go surf. There is a solid northwest swell brewing off the coast of California, first in awhile!

When I get home to my pad, all my roomates are ready to surf! Me being the pesamistic Hawaiian I am when it comes to California surf, decided to check the forecast before hand. I checked the forcast partially to see where we should surf and partially to see if there was any surf.

As I opened my homepage I quickly log into Facebook instead of checking the surf, just out of habit. A bad habit at that!

Without hesitation my eyes scroll down the page and quickly refocus on the three letters RIP followed by two letters AI. Could this be who I think it is???

Could this be Andy Irons the 3x world champion? The only guy to beat and give Mr. Kelly Slater a run for his money? The Kauai boy who helps run the North Shore of Oahu? The dude whos brother is the only guy that can touch him style wise?

Sad but true.

Kauai’s beloved ripper Andy Irons was found dead on 11/2/2010.

After suffering from Dengue fever he acquired at the Rip Curl Pro in Port

ugal, He was found dead in his hotel room in Dallas TX. Andy was only 32 and on his way home to Hawaii to be with his wife and family. His wife Lyndie is expecting their first born in December, Andy was reportedly stoked to live this next chapter of his life and said he couldn’t wait to push his son into his first wavess.

Andy was known as one of the fiercest competitors on the tour. Winning consecutive world titles in 2002, 2003, and 2004! Andy battled Kelly Slater in 2003 for the World title in the gnarliest/dramatic title race ever!!

Andy did sooooo much for the sport of surfing! HE will always be remembered as a LEGEND!!!!!

Sundance Beach would like to send our deepest condolenses to the Irons family and thank Andy for everything he has done for our sport and our industry!!!!

I would like to say this on behalf of myself:

Being a young surfer growing up in Hawaii, there are alot of good surfers to look up to. But, if you ask anyone my age what Hawaiian surfers they grew up idolizing, there is no doubt you will here the name Andy Irons. Andy gave me a sense of Hawaiian pride when he beat Kelly in 2003. He was always real, and was often criticized for how “real” he was. In an industry that is known for covering up and filtering its athletes, Andy was always upfront with his thoughts and his struggles. I greatly admired that about him and will continue too. This is a sad time for the Irons family and the state of Hawaii.Andy will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace bruddah, I know your scoring some sick ones in heaven!!!

Aloha oe’,


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