10th World Title, Sundance Beach salutes you Kelly Slater!!

Kelly Slater is possibly the best athlete in the world!!!

He’s guarented the best surfer in the world. Kelly Slater holds almost every single record in professional surfing!!! He now has 10 world titles!Kelly SLater wins 10!!!

He won his first world title in 1992 at 20 yrs old (youngest in history), from 1990-2010 he won 10 of 20 world titles. During these years the only competitors that came close to Kelly were Andy Irons and Mick Fanning. Andy won three consecutive titles while Mick won 2. Andy was the only guy in the past 2 centurys to give Kelly a run for his money and eventually beat him.

Rivals yet friends, the Kelly vs. Andy years are now of legendary status!
Andy Irons deep in a pit, RIP your a LEDGE!

In Puerto Rico Kelly Slater won his 10th world title and The Rip Curl Pro Search event. In his final heat against Australian Bede Dubidge, Kelly Slater dominated by throwing airs and huge Slater turns. On one wave Slater did two perfect turns and a huge no grab air reverse and got a perfect 10!!!! Showing the world why he is the best surfer of all time!!! When he got to the beach he told media that he dedicated the 10 to Andy Irons who was Kellys friend and rival. Andy Irons was found died in his Dallas, TX hotel room a week earlier. HE left the contest early after being diagnosed with Dengue fever.

The big question remains. . .will Kelly keep competing on the world tour???

He is entered in the Mavericks big wave contest that is supposed to take place later this year, depending on if it gets big enough to hold the event. Thats probably one of the only contest he hasnt won yet!

Anyways we here at Sundance Beach would like to say congratulations to Kelly Slater and the Quiksilver army!!!!

Fins Loose and killing it!!!

You are a legend SLATER!!!

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