Presidents at the Beach!



It’s always a good idea to spend Presidents’ Day at the beach, especially with the hot weather we are having in California. But, do the real Presidents actually spend a day at the beach? We did some research and found that almost all of our recent presidents have spent some time at the beach! Sometimes it might be just a walk on the sand with a suit on, but some of our presidents actually wear boardshorts and get out in the surf! Check out these pics of our past and present Commanders in Chief’s at the beach!


BARACK OBAMA – President Obama has got skills in the surf thanks to the fact that he grew up body surfing the shorebreak at Sandy Beach in Hawaii. The POTUS has had numerous paparazzi moments sliding into some Sandy’s shorebreak at the start of his presidency in 2009. Ever since though, Obama has been too busy with world affairs for a surf break.


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JOHN F. KENNEDY – JFK was a legitimate celebrity during his presidency. He was larger than life and smiled for every camera. He was loved by everyone. Every time he tried to take a dip in the surf at a public beach he was mobbed by fans! Luckily he had a private family beachhouse he could escape to.


jfk-beach fa_282_newjfkswim970 kennedys-beach john_f_kennedy


RICHARD NIXON – Nixon spent a lot of his free time walking on the beach in front of his San Clemente home in Orange County, California. Unfortunately for surfers, his home was directly in front of one of the best surf spots in America – Trestles! This led to a lot of run-ins between armed military police and hippie surfers willing to trespass to surf the perfect waves.




BILL CLINTON – Bill Clinton is an avid beach goer and is particularly fond of walking his dogs on the beach. But back in the day Clinton had no problem with a game of beach football, and a little romance with Hillary. As a country boy from Arkansas, Clinton knows how to make up for lost time away from the sand.




GEORGE BUSH – GW had a rough time during his presidency as the world went through some major changes. So, beach holidays weren’t always on the table. But the Texan did make some time to hang with beach volleyball legends Misty May and Kerri Walsh at the Olympics in China!




RONALD REAGAN – Since Reagan was a huge actor throughout the 50’s and 60’s, he was often seen at the beach and acted in many scenes that took place on the sand. During his presidency he was much older, but still took the time to dip his toes in the water and toss some coconuts around for fun.





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