Poler is Now Sending Out Camp Vibes at Sundance Beach

Poler_Stuff_titleWith a tagline that states “the world’s highest standard of stuff”, Poler is certainly proud of it’s eclectic collection of awesome camping stuff.  Poler’s great mix between funny and kick-back practicality has proven to be very popular with their target market which varies from couch surfers to actual surfers.  Poler has found a clever balance between hipsterism and adventurism, and no matter how ordinary or extreme your next adventure may be they have got you covered.

Poler_Napsack 2

Poler_Napsack 1The Napsack is probably their most notable product which is a 50 degree rated sleeping bag with a microfiber body.  Not just for sleeping in anymore, this sleeping bag was designed to keep the party going during summer trips, couch surfing or music festivals.   The Poler Napsack features zippers that open at the shoulders so you can pop your arms out, and a cinch up bottom so you can stick your legs out.  Proven very useful while engaging in activities that bring the core temperature down, like surfing or snowboarding,  it’s also suitable for napping, camping, cruising, or snoozing.

Poler_headlampEven though we focus primarily on surfing, we are also carrying some great camping essentials like water bottles and a head lamp from Poler.  They have even teamed up with MIZU to create some sick looking stainless steel water bottles with a mission to reduce single-use plastic bottles.

Poler_waterbottlesOf course we also carry Poler’s insane clothing line from hoodies to hats.  Their threads will keep you looking fly around the campfire while sending out those camp vibes.  We also have some of their bags which are perfect for a day trip to grandma’s house in the woods.

Poler_clothing 2 Poler_clothing 1Poler Hats Poler_clothing 3Enjoy the Poler camp vibes now at Sundance Beach.  Available online and in the store.

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