Play in the New Seea Playsuit!

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For the active girl, it can be a challenge to achieve both style and function in one, but Seea Swimwear is a great feminine alternative to the traditional surf attire. Seea, a 100% California product, is a celebration of the style, rhythm and grace of women’s surfing and the magic of riding waves. We love the new Seea Swami’s Playsuit which features a dropped waist for a more flattering fit and fully lined shorts for added comfort and warmth. There’s nothing else like it.

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It’s called the “playsuit” cause you do just that – wear your bikini to the beach, slip the Swami’s on when you want to go surf, and slip it back off when you hit the beach. This piece is not only awesome for surfing but is also perfect for swimming and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). As Seea put it, “the Swami’s playsuit is the missing link between wetsuits and swimsuits.”

Check out the Seea Lookbook here for more amazing pieces like this one! New colors and styles available soon!


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