All photos by Jon Steele.


Although the waves have been fun here in Santa Barbara, Sundance Beach Pioneer Kilian Garland was stoked to shed the wetsuit for some boardshorts and take an extended trip to Oahu in November. The North Shore has had a great early season and the fun conditions gave Kilian some nice ramps and turn sections to let loose on.


kilian-garland-north-shore kilian-garland-north-shore


Even though the water has been extra warm in SoCal, it never compares to the clear tropical water of the Hawaiian Islands. Kilian is wearing the Billabong Flip Heather Boardshort in Royal.


kilian-garland-north-shore kilian-garland-north-shore kilian-garland-north-shore kilian-garland-north-shore_14 kilian-garland-north-shore_11 kilian-garland-north-shore_12 kilian-garland-north-shore_16 kilian-garland-north-shore_3

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