Pioneer in Paradise // Part 1

Kilian Garland Describes his Bali Experience

KilianBali_TitlePart One – Greetings From Bali

Surprisingly enough, I have never been to Indonesia. So, when I won a trip to Bali from Oakley and Channel Islands Surfboards I was more than excited.

I decided to leave Santa Barbara before the ASP contest began and scheduled a month on the island. My girlfriend Caterina and I showed up at Lax and checked into our flights early. I was ecstatic to find out that Singapore Air does not charge absurd surfboard fees! This was a good start to my trip.

From left to right: Caterina and I departing from LAX. The view at Ubud, Bali. Caterina at the temple steps. Bali’s terraced Rice Patties.

After two days of traveling and a stop over in Singapore, I decided to pass up the infamous Kuta and headed straight to Canggu. The area is hip and booming with expansion and upon arrival there was a single fin longboarding contest hosted by the motorcycle club Dues Ex Machina. The water was packed with bodysurfers, hipsters, and Aussies. It was a cool vibe and a nice break from the serious competitions I am used to in which progressive surfing takes center stage. However, these were the top dogs of this style of surfing that has becoming more popular these days.

Exploring and checking the surf at the Canggu Temple.
Nice logs at the Dues Ex Machina single fin longboard competition at Canguu, Bali.
Snagged a few GoPro shots at Canguu, Bali.
Left: Fresh coconuts all around! Right: Caterina rocking her new bikini from Sundance Beach.
Caterina and I enjoying the Dues Ex Machina party after the contest.

After two days of debating whether or not to rent a motorbike scooter, we decided that the area was safe enough to scoot around and opted for helmets and a safe speed. I got a good couple of days worth of surfing in after the Dues contest and I was stoked to get acclimated to the area. We were hyped to meet fellow travelers at our bed and breakfast and made friends quickly. This was the perfect place to start the journey!

Left: Adjusting my mirrors and checking to see if this hog can get me to Uluwatu and back. Right: The temple at Tanah Lot.

Next stop – The Bukit Peninsula.





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