Penny Skateboards Available Online!

Penny Skateboard's are the new craze!! Pick your color today!

See a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck!  Penny skateboards….the latest trend in skateboard completes! With its bright poppy colors, old school 70’s flare and $100 price point these plastic shred sticks are guaranteed to stoke out anyone!

From the grom skater kid to the cool dad that remembers riding the little banana boards with metal wheels back in the day, these things have been selling off the shelves at every core surf shop! If you’re looking for a cruiser to get from point A to point B or a little carver board to get you from one spot to the next, Penny Skateboards is where its at!  They are durable and long lasting, from the plastic deck to the metal trucks, these things can with stand the abuse from any crazy grom!  Pick your favorite color today online at Sundance Beach and start cruising in style.


  • Those things are really cool! I like the color pop…they totally remind me of the skates I used to ride back in the day..we called them banana boards haha! Cool to see them comeback in all those bright colors! Def gonna show these to my son, whos bday is right around the corner!

  • Oh ya the banana boards, and then there was the banana seats for your bike. Forgot about that…Looks like my first skate. Love it

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