Preparing for Four Years of Fun!


It’s almost the middle of August and as much as we try to deny it, it’s time to start getting ready for college! While you’re getting ready to go away, you can separate your packing list into four broad categories: clothes, electronics, dorm room, and the basic essentials. And with the help of these handy tips, you’ll be ready to go when school starts!

I’m excited to start my freshman year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo! These are the new dorms.
It’s safe to say that this is how most of student’s cars will look like as they head off to college!


Remember that you’re packing your life away into just a few boxes. Of course you need different outfits for whatever situation may come up, but it helps to be selective (you can always have your clothes shipped to you if you forget anything). The tip I’ve heard most often is to pack for where you’re going to school. You might look amazing in a parka or a snowsuit, but if you’re going to school in Florida, you may want to leave these things at home and pack some bikinis instead!

If you’re going to school close enough to drive home once in a while, then just bring your favorite outfits for the fall season. If you’re going to a school on the other side of the country, then you need to bring everything!


Not only are your cell phone and computer crucial for your college career and studies, they also play an important role in keeping in touch with those back home or your friends that moved across the country. These are no-brainers, but don’t forget to pack cases to keep your stuff protected and extra chargers for both so you can plug in during your lectures or make summer plans with your friends from home, and maybe make a call to a relative or two.

Make sure you get cases for your tablets and cell phone!

Dorm Room

This is probably your first time living alone, and you can decorate the room however you want (your half at least). There are so many ways to make it your own like cool posters, a unique comforter and pillows, matching desk supplies, pictures of friends and family, etc. This is your chance to really customize your living space, so don’t hold back! Except for your life size cutout of that guy from that one movie, you should probably keep him at home.

Your dorm room is where you spend a lot of your time, so make it a place that you and your friends would want to hang out in! Decorating it with your own personality in mind is the way to go.


This is definitely the widest group of the four because there are so many little things that you don’t want to forget. There are the obvious ones like a shower caddy and clothes hangers. And there are less obvious things like lotion, a new backpack, candles to help you relax while studying, jewelry to add some flash to your first day outfit, a watch so you’re never late to class, and of course sunglasses because your future is so bright! Make a list to help you remember the small things that you want to bring with you to school, and good luck!

My new Alma Matter! I can’t wait!
The view of Cal Poly from the ridge above campus!

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