Our Holiday Line Through the Grapevine

Capturing our Fall/Holiday Styles at SAARLOOS + sons Vineyard

Saarloos and sons

Our lovely photographer, Kristine, and I headed out to the SAARLOOS + sons vineyard early Wednesday morning to start snapping photos for a few of our holiday campaigns. We were expecting it to rain, but the clouds blew away and the blue skies peaked through. Just because the skies were blue, didn’t mean that it was warm though. Because it wasn’t. It was freezing. Alright, 52 degrees isn’t freezing, but when you’re standing outside in a short dress at 7:30am, you start to wonder where your legs are or if your fingers still bend back and forth.

The ancient Oak trees add to the rustic ambiance of the vineyard.

The Saarloos family have two beautiful vineyards, but we visited the El Camino Real Vineyard, located on the corner of the 246 and Zaca Station Road in Los Olivos. We chose their vineyard after brainstorming the perfect location illustrating the stereotypical “fall” feel. Harvest has concluded, leaving the leaves on the vines the perfect colors of fall: green, orange, yellow, and red. You can spend hours driving around the central coast looking for these vibrant colors, but the only place you’ll find them are on vineyards. And, let’s face it, SAARLOOS + sons is our favorite! Easy decision.

Of course, it’s not all just gorgeous views, they make AMAZING wine too! My favorite is the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, titled Courage. We like it because it shouldn’t be good. We say, “shouldn’t be good,” because the Santa Ynez Valley isn’t known to grow Cabernet. However, the SAARLOOS + sons vineyard is in a special spot where the soil and climate allow the fruit to grow very well. This wine represents John Saarloos’ life and his never-ending legacy after his death in WWII. They named this wine Courage because Great Uncle John lived a life of courage and it took the Saarloos family courage to grow Cabernet in a place where it “shouldn’t” be grown.

Something memorable from the shoot? Definitely swinging on the handmade swing crafted from wine barrels found on the vineyard. Its tied to an aged Oak tree sitting on top of a hill, overlooking the vineyard. It has to be the most beautiful view in the whole valley.

Click here to learn more about SAARLOOS + sons.

Krochet Kids
This swing had the best view. I wish I could have stayed all day!

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