May 6, 2015

Our Favorite Pretty Print Bikinis for Summer

The Issa de’Mar Sola Bikini Top (left) and Maya Bandeau Top (right) tribal prints both feature bright pastel blues and greens in high contrast black and orange for a lively and vibrant look.

Every year a few choice styles end up dominating the swimwear season (for example 2012 was definitely the year of the fringe!) and 2015 is no exception. Pretty Prints!  When a manufacturer strikes gold with a specific suit you’ll be sure to see it in your Instagram feed being worn by your favorite celebrities or on models in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Only problem is, by the time it hits the mainstream, that perfect bikini for summer is now impossible to find anywhere! We’ve put together a little guide on the hottest swimwear pretty print designs of 2015 so you can get ahead of the curve because these styles are sure to sell out before peak bikini season reaches us. Also don’t forget to check out our previous blog post on the best cuts & styles on offer for the 2015 bikini season.

Tribal print bikinis are definitely the go-to-style for summer 2015, taking over the top spot from the high contrast neon colors and chevron prints that were so popular in 2014 We’re definitely feeling the tribal vibe in 2015, tribal prints are wonderful because they afford a wide range of colors that can be mixed and matched to a wide variety solids and multiple color options.


The Issa de’Mar Malia Reversible Brazilian bikini bottom (left) and Kaili Bikini bikini top feature a more subtle South Pacific woodcarving inspired with solid color blocking and straps to brighten things up. This style has us dreaming of more days of crystal clear water and warm sand on the heart shaped Fijian island of Tavarua!

If there’s one bikini brand you can rely on to set the trend for swimwear it’s got to be L*Space. Designed by Monica Wise and cut of the finest materials here in the good ol’ U.S.A. L*Space swimwear is a fixture in the industry. That’s not to say that L*Space is “ordinary” by any means, Monica has a knack for reinventing what’s cool in bikini fashion each year without fail. She brought us the Fringe Binge that took the designer swimwear industry by storm a few years back and her Chloe Wrap top design put the form back in function last year.


2015 is no exception and L*Space has gifted us all with what is likely going to be the most popular tribal print bikinis of all time: the Antigua! Heck we already sold through our entire first shipment before cruise season was even finished and had to beg for more. The Antigua prints by L*Space offer a classic tribal print with just the right amount of vivid colors and contrast in both a black and white biased print scheme. Both the new for 2015 Strap Back Bikini Top (left) and the famous Chloe Wrap Bikini Top (right) are on offer in the Antigua print by L*Space for the 2015 season along with several different cuts of L*Space’s wildly popular bikini bottoms.


Another notable print trending in 2015 bikini styles is the revival of the floral print. Several years ago the flower power seemed to fall out of favor but it’s making a resurgence in 2015 and with it comes a wide variety of looks in a diverse selection of cuts from many different brands. Bright and loud floral prints pair perfectly with the high neck halter top style offered by O’Neill (above) or The O’Neill 365 Voda One Piece Suit (below).  With extra mobility from the Lycra Sport stretch materials in black floral is a great look for the active surfer girl/beach goer who needs added sun protection for those long surf sessions in the tropics!

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints  Oneill surf suit

Choose a more subtle and sultry look with bikinis like the San Lorenzo Tropicana High Neck Reversible Bikini Top & Reversible Bottom with side strap detail (below)


Keeping with the floral theme we also love the classic bright tropical flowers on black background found in the Hudson Drawstring Scrunch Bikini Bottom by Stone Fox (below)


2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints  Tori Praver

The Tori Praver Kalani Triangle Bikini Top and Cheeky Bikini Bottom in Casablanca Floral Print (above)

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints  Rip Curl Swimwear

The Rip Curl Paradise Found Triangle Bikini Top and Hipster Bikini Bottom (left) next to the Cloudscape Bikini Top and Cheeky Bikini Bottom (right) as worn by Alana Blanchard

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints  Maaji Swimwear

Maaji’s Almonds & Bloom print adds a whimsical element to the classic floral print. Pictured below in the Halter Bikini Top and Signature Bikini Bottom

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints  Amuse Society Swiwear

The Aloha Tropical Long Sleeve Neoprene Cheeky One Piece Suit from Amuse Society brings a modern flair to the classic Hawaiian hibiscus flower print.

If flower power or tribal prints aren’t your cup of tea the third hot print style for 2015 might be for you. Trending in bikini styles for summer are the abstract geometric prints. Playing off the chevron prints that were so popular the last few years many swimwear brands have taken to the geometric print which help break up the monotony of solid colors without making quite as loud a statement as color blocking or bright detailing. Some of our absolute favorite geometric print bikinis of 2015 are from Zinke Swimwear who manage to balance the sharp lines of their print with soft pastel colors.


The Zinke Emmi Kaleidoscope Reversible Bikini Top & Chloe Kaleidoscope Reversible Bikini Bottom (left) and Marlow Retro High Waisted Reversible Bikini Bottom (right) in geometric pastel color prints.

2015 Bikini Trends - Pretty Prints  Seafolly Swimwear

Seafolley’s bold and loud geometric print featured on the Costa Maya High Neck Tank Halter Bikini Top



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