SDB Pioneer Andrew Bennett in Australia

D-Bah is always crowded but has surf almost everyday.

Words by Andrew Bennett // All Photos by Seth de Roulet

New South Wales, Australia is an incredible place to be a surfer. The water’s warm, a swell with a period of only 9 seconds is pumping, and it’s littered with beautiful points, beachbreaks and slabs. It’s a surfing culture, so everyone is out in the water at some point during the day.

The crowds can be intense but there are tons of opportunities to find you’re own barreling peak at a beach break or a short window at the point breaks in-between surfing shifts. The place is so wave rich it’s no wonder a third of the ASP World Championship Tour surfers are from Australia.

I can’t even remember the name of this point since there are so many but, we found this without any one surfing it. Thirty minutes into the session 25 guys paddled out all at once. The surfers in Australia are on it!
Just 300 yards South of D-Bah on the other side of a harbor entrance is another beach break. It’s strange because D-Bah is packed but this place is way better and only a couple people surfing. The pier in the background is where they dredge the sand that flows down and makes Snapper Rocks such an epic wave.
The backside of D-Bah again right under the noses of thousands of surfers in Coolangatta, but only 2 other guys out.

Check back for Andrew’s Photo Blog from the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia next!

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