OluKai Kia'i Trainer Shoe

The OluKai Kia’i Trainer is the official training footwear of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. 

Training to be the best lifeguard is tough enough as it is, throw in the rough terrain of Hawaii and you are going to need the perfect training shoe. Kiai’i translates into Guard making it the obvious choice for new and experienced lifeguards. Designed with HLA, the Kia’i Trainer is engineered to handle the guards’ rigorous fitness training demands from Mauka to Makai.

Make it easier on your guard by allowing them to wear the OluKai Kia’i Trainer shoe while they are swimming their long distance swim and then heading off for a long run afterwards!

Get your pair at Sundance Beach.

A portion of proceeds goes to the HLA Junior Guard Program.



  • Finally a shoe I can run, hike and climb up streams in. I love my Olukai sandals so if they are that comfortable I’m sold. Is is just the shoe that supports the lifeguards or all Olukai footwear?

  • Leigh – the HLA Junior Guards Program proceeds are exclusive to the Olukai Kia’i Trainer Shoe. We love Olukai too, they make the most comfortable, high quality shoes and sandals! Please let us know if you need any help with finding sizes or styles.

  • I life in QLD Australia,I bought mine because they where on special and turns out they where ‘the something’ i was looking for, for my love of trail running,mtbing and kayaking, I wear them on my mtb using my PowerGrip pedal straps, hop straight off and straight into my sometimes very muddy trail runs then into the yak no problems what so ever. I’m finding now, I clean them off and even wear them as a casual shoe. They are so unbelievably versitile.

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