NSSA National Interscholastic Championships to Air on CBS Sports

Scholastic Surfing Competition Will Air on National Television June 25th

CBS Sports Network has announced that it will air coverage of the NSSA National Interscholastic Championships on national television. Highlights from the championships will be featured as part of The Alt Games: College Action Sports Championships which will air on CBS Sports on Saturday, June 25th at 11am PDT. CBS Sports will also have continuing coverage of surfing after the show at 3pm, and on Sunday at 3pm.

Salt Creek offered a fun south swell for the NSSA National Interscholastic Championships in the 4-5ft range.

Although the competition took place on June 16-18th, the event will be included in CBS’s sixth annual College Action Sports Championships. The show features the hottest action from the 2011 Alt Games, showcasing the standout performances from 20 college championships from various action sports including skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, flowboarding (strange?), beach volleyball (is that an action sport?). The networks press release claims to include “ultimate” as one of the included sports. Ultimate what? Ultimate Frisbee Golf is the only thing that comes to mind. Surfers, skaters, and wakeboarders will definitely be bummed if frisbee golf and beach volleyball are included in the same league as the real action sports. Such are the perils of entertaining an audience far removed from our two coastlines.

Nonetheless, the competitions were completely legit as more than 1300 competitors from over 100 colleges and universities across the nation competed for 20 different national men’s and women’s champions.

CBS Sports Network is currently broadcasted to over 95 million homes through local cable providers and on satellite on DirecTV channel 613 and Dish Network channel 152.

Check out a NSSA video of the event here.

For more info log on to www.cbssportsnetwork.com.

For more photos, videos, and exclusive content from the Alt Games go to www.facebook.com/altgames.

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