New TOMS coming soon!

Wahoo!  Sundance Beach has a new style of TOMS heading our way this week!  Expect to see the TOMS Canvas Wedges now!

These wedges aren’t like most wedges, they’re actually comfortable. The TOMS canvas wedges have Natural Canvas upper and lining materials for comfort and breathability purposes.  They also have an insole with their classic suede and a rubber cushion suede heel insert (for additional added comfort). AND, they have a durable solid rubber outsole containing the One for One design.

Not sold yet? Here’s some customer reviews:

“I LOVE the wedges!!! I get compliments all the time! They are comfortable and stylish at the same time.” -M

“Best casual wedges I own, hands down!” -KC

“Hi, LOVE, these shoes and because people see the TOMS label they are always asking where they can get them. I don’t mind advertising such a wonderful cause, I’m proud to do it.” -Cool Mom

Remember, the best part about purchasing these wedges is the One for One Movement. With every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need! This One for One Movement is amazing and with the latest wedge, TOMS is making us look AND feel amazing!

Sundance Beach will be selling red and black, great colors for multiple purposes.  Come in and grab a black pair that can be dressed up for dinner and a red pair that will be great for spring and summer outfits!

Black Wedge
So cute.

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