When you think of Ireland what do you think of ??????

I think of castles, rugged yet green coastlines and sheep. Yes sheep, not big surf.

Two days ago the conditions finally favored for the beast to awaken. The beast a wave, the slayers international surfers.

The new Irish wave is comparable to Mavericks in Northern California’s Half Moon Bay. Usually huge, cold and tempermentaly unridable due to its position in the middle of the ocean. The name of this new phenomenom of a wave. . .PROWLERS!

The crew included two Irishmen (Rush McPherson and Richie Fitzgerald), two Saffas (Barry Mottershead and Jeremy Johnson), one Aussie (Paul Okane) and one Englishman (Cotton.) This is a strong team of experienced big-wave riders.

This wave is amazingly big and scary!!! I will be posting pics as soon as I can!

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