NEW Fall 2014 Tide Watches



Tide Watches are an essential accessory for any surfer. Every surf spot breaks best at a certain tide, so a surfer always factors the tide into the equation when checking the waves. For Fall 2014, new tide watches from Electric and Nixon have hit the scene, and they’re the life of the party!




Introducing the newest surf watch from Electric – the Electric EDO1-T Tide Watch. This super thin, light, and tough as nails tide watch is what you have been looking for. The ED01-T Tide Watches have all the bells and whistles including a simple tide index for telling you when hi and low tide will be. You could take the time to check surfline, or just look down at your wrist. Offered in PU and nylon bands in an array of color options.


Electric-ED01-T-PU-Tide-Watch Electric-ED01-T-Nato-Tide-Watch


The Nixon Rhythm Watch is a mid-sized tide watch that is great for kids and adults alike! Not as bulky as The Supertide watch. Built tough enough to withstand the energy of its wearer, it’s got brains, it’s got tech, it’s got performance. A digital module serves up tide information on 270 beaches worldwide and its compact design slides nicely under grom-size wetsuits. Available in Blue and All Black.




The Nixon Lowdown II is a new generation of tide telling. It’s stronger, smarter and more comfortable than ever before. Pre-programmed with tide info for over 270 beaches worldwide, countdown timer, day/date, wave counter and more. In the lineup or just wishing you were, it’s all within your reach.




The Nixon Supertide Watch is what it is, a super tide watch! With the latest and greatest time and tide telling technology, the Supertide will make sure you’re surfing the best tides at the best times with it’s easy to read Hi-Def display!



nixon-the_supertide_watchnixon-the_supertide_watch-black_silver nixon-the_supertide_watch


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