NEW Boardshort Preview for Spring!

High-Tech Performance and Vintage Styling for 2014

Volcom’s Ezekiel Lau lighting up the North Shore with his Mod-Tech Boardshorts.

Boardshorts have come a long way in the last few seasons. A shift towards shorter lengths has been accompanied by water-repelling coatings, super-stretch fabrics, slimmer leg openings, cotton/nylon blends, and of course, vintage styling. There are also two separate and distinctive groups of boardshorts emerging from the brands – a super-duper high performance boardshort built for ripping and all the body contorting positions that come with it, and a shorter and simpler boardshort that is made solely for good times at the beach and some soulful, small-wave sliding.

John John Florence owns surfing right now. And he owns it while wearing Hurley’s Phantom Boardshorts.

Gone are the days of baggy, 22″ long outseam boardies. You wouldn’t wear shorts from the early 80’s in the late nineties would you? Then why would you wear boardshorts from the late nineties in the two thousand teens? Get rid of the old baggies that hang down to your calf and upgrade to a modern fit. That doesn’t mean grape-smuggling tight, short shorts. Just something that looks like you are living in the now! There are many options and fits for every body type, just get the one that’s right for you!

RVCA’s Alex Knost’s vintage vibe extends to his retro boardshorts and single-fin sticks.

Below are a few examples from our extensive boardshort inventory for Spring (listed by brand).


Volcom has hi-tech features and modern styling wrapped up into one awesome line of boardshorts. Their Mod-Tech Collection has superior stretch capabilities, Teflon DWR coating to repel water, and lightweight construction. These boardshorts are put to the test each winter at Volcom’s “Proving Grounds”, which happen to be the heaviest stretch of beach in the world – Pipeline and Backdoor.

The Volcom Stoney Mod in Army, the Lido Weedo Boardshort in Teal Green, and the Static Mod in Merlot.


Hurley‘s Phantom Boardshort is the 7-time SIMA Boardshort of the Year winner! If that’s not enough, these iconic trunks are worn by a quarter of the ASP World Tour‘s Top 34 and seen just about everywhere in the surf media. The reason for all this is their superior stretch, comfort, and design! The signature two horizontal stripes on the right leg are synonymous with the Hurley brand and sought after from surfing’s elite around the world.

The Hurley Phantom Block Party Boardshorts in Black/Grey, Dark Grey, and Carbon/Cyan.


Where would we be without Jack O’Neill. It’s ironic that the company who invented the surfing wetsuit is also the company that revolutionized boardshorts with their Superfreak, and later their Hyperfreak, series of trunks just a few years ago. Fast forward to 2014 and O’Neill is still producing some of the world’s finest boardshorts as well as an awesome Hybrid Collection built for the land and the sea. The new Jordyfreak is the “It” boardie for 2014!

O'Neill Boardshorts
The O’Neill Oblique Boardshort in Black, the Jordyfreak Boardshort in Blue (Also available in Navy and Black), and the Loaded Hybrid Boardshort in Grey.


Billabong‘s been in the boardshort game since the beginning, and is one of the companies that all other brands should thank for helping to create the surfwear industry. Relying on feedback from their insane roster of high-performance talent, Billabong has compiled a collection of boardshorts for 2014 that features cutting-edge technology and materials, and sleek modern design. The new Jack Freestone signature Flip PCX Boardshort is a real stunner!

The Billabong Method Boardshort in Charcoal, the Flip PCX Boardshort in Black, and the Muted Sublimated Boardshort in Green.


While not known for any particular technologies or innovations, RVCA‘s boardshorts are arguably the most stylish! Unique prints with vintage styling are RVCA’s trademarks in the boardie biz. Cotton and nylon blends give their trunks and unusual soft feel and look. But that’s not all. RVCA also utilizes super-stretch performance materials in many of their boardshorts. This gives their 2014 line a well balanced selection of fashionable and functional designs that are desired by all types of surfers.

The RVCA Layer Trunk in Honey, the Poppy Trunk in Black, and the Commander Trunk in Bayberry.

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