Neff Daily and Flava Watches Online

The Spring 2012 Collection of Neff watches are now available for purchase online at  The Neff brand is synonymous with bold strokes of bright color and eye-popping graphics which have given the brand their own unique style and presence in the surf, skate, and snowboard apparel industries.

The Daily Neff Watch is one of their most popular styles (pictured above) and features clean bold numbers that you will never get tired of.  The polyurethane strap keeps things lightweight and the stainless steel backing can stand up to extreme impacts.  Neff’s other popular style is the classic digital Neff Flava Watch.  With the Neff logo stamped on the case and ribbed polyurethane strap the Flava watch is a stylish flashback to the 80’s.  The Neff watch collection is stylish, affordable and looks good while sporting a flashy pair of boardshorts.  Get your 2012 Neff Watches online today!!!


  • Dude i was tripping out when I saw how inexpensive these things are! With people opting to use cell phones as their time tellers nowadays….why not sport a cheap yet ultra sick accessory instead! I remember rocking watches that didnt even work cause i thought they looked cool….only difference is that they were $200 instead of $20! With the Neff Flava and Daily watches you can keep it real…..cause these suckaz work!!!!

  • I am in love with these watches! So many colors, they really make a bold statement. The price point doesn’t hurt the appeal of Neff either, I mean $30 for a watch is something amazing.

  • I couldn’t agree more with PRES10…I wear the white one. My son is 23 and he loves all the colors, also got one for my nephew and hes only 12. Perfect affordable gift for everyone!

  • I’m really diggin the look of the Daily watch, simple but bold and with those awesome price points, I might pick up a couple!!

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