Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Dream Cream

I know the title of this blog seems kinda sketchy….but its not.  It is however a rather sticky situation!  Zog industries has recently introduced their stickiest surf wax ever, the Sex Wax Dream Cream.  This new secret formula of wax from the man himself, Mr. Zogs who has been creating quality surf wax since 1972, so you know its that good stuff!! Pro surfers swear by this stuff and now the average surfer can wax up their stick and live the dream!  But beware, make sure to read the warning label before using this wax: “Store in a wax container or leak proof bag. Use as topcoat only. Apply lightly & sparingly. Use a base coat. Friction against skin may cause rash. Some sticky residue will adhere to wetsuits and other objects upon contact. Only experienced surfers should use this wax.”


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